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core, corps, corpse
core (KOR, KOHR) (adjective)
Center, an innermost area: The core argument was summed up by the final speaker at the conference.
corps (KOR, KOHR) (noun)
A group of people; literally, a "body of people": The corps of the audience was made up of older men and women who had retired.
corpse (KOHRPS) (noun)
A dead body: The undertaker agreed to prepare the corpse for the funeral.

The corps of friends gathered at the city park in the core of the city for a memorial for the corpse of their friend.

corpse (s) (noun), corpses (pl)
A dead body of a human being: A corpse of a homeless man was found on the street in the city.
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(Greek: dead, death, dead body; dead tissue or cells; corpse)
(Greek: fall, a falling down of an organ; drooping, sagging; corpse)
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