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1. To make (someone) agree, to understand, or to realize the truth or validity of something.
2. To make someone sure or certain of something.
3. To persuade a person to believe or to do something.
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convince, persuade
convince (kuhn VINS) (verb)
To bring to an understanding by means of an argument or discussion: Jack mentioned, "Casey, you might be able to convince the teacher that your point of view is right if you can show him another piece of evidence from an authoritative source."
persuade (puhr SWAYD) (verb)
To determine a course of action as the result of reasoning or pleading: Jane said, "O.K., Kurt, if you can persuade my husband to go out for dinner tonight, then I will go, too."

Muriel, if I can persuade you to carry an umbrella, your argument for a walk through the park in this hot sun will convince me of your intention not to get skin cancer.