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convey (verb), conveys; conveyed; conveying
1. To take or to move someone or something to a destination or a place: The truck was able to convey all of the furniture and other property of Mike's family from their former residence to their new living quarters.
2. To make something known to others: Mark’s behavior always shows his desire to convey all the tenderness and love which he felt for his little girl.
3. To transfer or to transmit something along a wire, a pipe, a tube, or some other carrier: Margaret used her computer to convey her messages by e-mail.
To communicate or to make known in a definite way.
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(Latin: a vessel or vessels; including, tubes, ducts, or canals that convey and circulate fluids; such as, blood, lymph, or sap, through the bodies of animals or plants)
(Latin: quantity having magnitude and direction; carrier, bearer, conveyer; from the stem of vehere, "to carry, to convey, to cart")