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converge, converges, converged, converging (verb forms)
1. "To tend to one point from different places"; to tend to meet in a point; to approach nearer together, as lines do, which meet if produced far enough. The opposite of diverge.
2. To tend to meet in a common result or point of operation; to reach the same point coming from different directions; such as, "The place where the roads converge".
3. To become the same; to become gradually less different and eventually the same; such as, "Their political beliefs were rapidly converging".
4. To tend toward or achieve union or a common conclusion or result; as, "In time, our views and our efforts converged".
5. In mathematics, to approximate in the sum of its terms toward a definite limit.
6. To arrive at same destination; to gather or meet at the same destination; such as, "The delegates to the convention came from all over the world and are converging on the city of Berlin.
7. In biology, to develop similar characteristics; to develop, independently of other species, superficially similar characteristics in response to a set of environmental conditions, e.g. the development of wings in birds and insects.
8. To cause (lines or rays) to approach each other; to cause to come together.
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