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contumacy (s) (noun), contumacies (pl)
1. Obstinate disobedience, stubborn and unreasonable resistance or rebelliousness; insolence: The decision of the company to cut down on the number of working hours, and so of pay, resulted in a contumacy of the employees of the company who refused to accept the pay cuts.
2. The stubborn resistance and refusal to obey a legitimate authority of any kind: Jerome’s contumacy to appear in court, even when he had received a judicial order requiring his presence to provide evidence regarding a robbery that he witnessed, was not understood by his family who had encouraged him to do so.
3. Etymology: from Latin contumacia, "insolent"; from con-, "intensive" +tumere, "to swell" + -acy, "quality, condition".

This contumacy term should not be confused with "contumely" even though both words are nouns which are derived from the Latin verb tumere, "to swell".

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