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contradiction (s) (noun), contradictions (pl)
1. The action of speaking against or in opposition to an action, a proposal, etc.: During his talk in class, Tim's arguments for saving electricity was in complete contradiction to the daily use of desktop computers for all of the students in class.
2. The action of declaring that something is the opposite of what was indicated previously: There was a complete contradiction of what Michael's father said yesterday and then today; because, first he wanted to go on vacation with the whole family, but now he says that everyone will have to stay home because there isn't enough money for a trip!
3. A state or condition of opposition in things compared; a variance or an inconsistency: Susan became a vegetarian because she was against killing animals for human use, but the contradiction to this belief is that she wears shoes and a jacket made of leather!
4. A statement or phrase which is presented in terms that are the opposite of each other: Some examples of contradictions are "fair taxes, working vacation", and "true fiction".
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