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continual, continuous
continual (kuhn TIN yoo uhl) (adjective)
Always recurring, frequently repeated: The continual drumming of the rain on the tin roof was very distracting.
continuous (kuhn TIN yoo uhs) (adjective)
Characteristic of an action or circumstance that continues for a period of time without being stopped or interrupted: When Elena retired, she had a record of 45 years of continuous service in the office.

The continual tapping of the rain on the roof reminded Kirk of the continuous noise of tropical birds hopping on the tin roof of his lodge in the jungle.

continuous (noun) (not comparable)
1. A function or curve; extending without pausing or any having any irregularities.
2. Pertaining to something that goes on without changing, stopping, or being interrupted by space or time: "There were several days of continuous rain and winds in Sharon's part of the country."
3. Having no gaps, holes, or breaks.
(Latin: flow, flowing; moving in a continuous and smooth way; wave, moving back and forth)
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continuous caudal analgesia
Continuous injection of an anesthetic solution into the sacral (triangular bone in lower back) and lumbar plexuses (network of nerves) within the epidural space (in the spine) to relieve the pain of parturition (act of giving birth).

Also used in general surgery to block the pain pathways caudal (back o thef body) to the umbilicus (navel or hollow on surface of stomach).

continuous fibers
The primary spinning of man-made fibers or "endless fibers".
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continuous infusion (s) (noun), continuous infusions (pl)
In medicine, a controlled method of prolonged drug administration that includes the ability to control the delivery rate.
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continuous waste (s) (noun), continuous wastes (pl)
A constructive, or contractor, term for two or more fixtures that use a single continuous line as the waste line or the area below the point where the fixture drains into the pipe is the waste line: When designing and building the new home, the architects and contractors were careful to include a system for continuous waste that would drain properly.
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