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continue, resume
continue (kuhn TIN yoo) (verb)
To sustain a course of action or direction: After lunch, Morris and Sally decided to continue their trip to the lake country.
resume (ri ZOOM) (verb)
To undertake an activity after an interruption: There was considerable applause after which the speaker decided to resume his speech.

After the interruption by the radio announcer, Krystal and Kari decided to resume their discussion of whether they should continue their day trip to the famous cathedral or go to the local pub.

(Latin: to continue steadfastly, to persist)
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War or Battle Techniques that Continue Unabately

Techniques of War Operations

A general must be skillful in preparing the materials of war and in supplying his soldiers; he must be a man of mechanical ingenuity, careful, persevering, sagacious, kind and yet severe, open yet crafty, careful of his own but ready to steal from others, profuse yet rapacious, cautious yet enterprising.

—Xenophon, ancient Greek historian and military leader
If the enemy advances, we retreat.
If he halts, we harass.
If he avoids battle, we attack.
If he retreats, we follow.
—North Vietnamese General Vo Nguyen Giap

Although disarmingly straightforward, these rules proved enormously effective. Under Giap's leadership, the North Vietnamese army expelled France in 1954, drove out the United States in 1973 and reunified Vietnam in 1975.

—Compiled from short excerpts in "Giap: The Victor in Vietnam"
by Peter Macdonald-Brian, Newsday, 1993.
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