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contention (s) (noun), contentions (pl)
1. The act of disputing or being involved in a conflict or a quarrel:: The main contention the newly wedded couple had was that if they were to wait until they had enough money to pay the full cost of a car, they would be without one for a long time.
2. A statement or point that one argues for as being true or valid, even when it is not: The school principal’s assertion, or contention, that all of the students in his school were non-smokers was absolutely false!
3. Etymology: usage started in about 1382, from Old French contention, from Latin contentionem, from the stem of contendere, "to stretch out, to strive after", from com-, "together" + tendere, "to stretch".
The act of debating or quarreling about something that has been said.
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(Latin: carry on a legal suit, lawsuit; quarrel, contention)