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contemptuous (kuhn TEMP choo uhs) (adjective), more contemptuous, most contemptuous
1. Descriptive of deep hatred or negative feelings expressed by a person toward something or someone else; scornful: Paulette's contemptuous tone of voice was dripping with unkindness and disrespect for the neighbor who would not keep his yard clean.
2. Pertaining to how a person feels, expresses, or demonstrates a strong dislike or utter lack of respect for somebody or something: Alexandra thinks it is utter nonsense for anyone to make such contemptuous remarks about that fine actor.
A reference to showing scorn.
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Conveying contempt or disdain.
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Referring to a lack of respect.
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Relating to an insolent remark.
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(Latin: scorn, disgraceful; shameful conduct, insulting, disrespectful, contemptuous remarks)