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condemn, contemn
condemn (kuhn DEM) (verb)
1. To express strong disapproval of: Leo wanted to condemn the needless waste of government money.
2. To judge or to declare to be unfit for use or consumption, usually by an official order: The official said he had to condemn the old building because it was not safe.
contemn (kuhn TEM) (verb)
To view with scorn; to detest: When Gerard heard the speech, he could only contemn it as inappropriate and vulgar.

After listening to the evidence which the judge was inclined to contemn, the criminal and he agreed with the verdict from the jury which was to condemn the criminal to ten years in prison.

contemn (kuhn TEM) (verb), contemns; contemned; contemning
1. To view with disrespect; to despise or to have an intense dislike for someone or something: There are people who contemn war and violence in the world because they believe such activities are unjustifiable.
2. Etymology: drom Middle English contempnen, "to slight"; from Latin contemnere; from com-, "with" + temnere, "to despise, to scorn".
To despise, to hate, or to scorn.
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