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construction (s) (noun), constructions (pl)
1. Something that has been built; especially, a large structure such as a house, a road, or a bridge.
2. A structure that has been built or the way in which something has been put together; especially, with regards to the type and the quality of the structure, materials, and workmanship.
3. The creation of something; such as, a system or concept from a number of different parts.
4. A group of words governed by particular grammatical rules.
5. In psychology, a model devised on the basis of observation which is designed to relate what is observed to some theoretical framework; such as, an abstract or general idea inferred or derived from specific instances.
6. Etymology: from the late 14th century; from Old French construction or directly from Latin constructionem, constructio; from construct-, the past participle stem of construere, "to pile up together, to accumulate; to build, to make, to erect"; from com-, "together" + struere. "to pile up".
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building construction (s) (noun), building constructions (pl)
A business concerned with the art and business of assembling materials into living structures; especially, those designated for human occupancy.