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consequence (s) (noun), consequences (pl)
1. Anything that happens as a result of a particular action or set of conditions: "Remember, Jim, that the slightest errors in your written report could have serious consequences."

"Since Reed very seldom did his homework for school, as a consequence he failed the final exam and could not advance to the next grade level."

2. That which comes later, or as a result of something that a person does: "Barry got a traffic ticket as a consequence of driving over the maximum speed limit."

"When Cecile decided to leave her job, she knew that she would have to face the consequences of losing her income."

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consequence, consequents
consequence (KAHN si kwens", KAHN si kwuhns) (noun)
A result, sequel, outcome, or effect: The decrease in sales was a consequence of some bad publicity about the company.

Some say many jobs will be lost as a consequence of the trade agreement.

consequents (KAHN si kwens", KAHN si kwuhns) (noun)
That which follows as a natural effect, result, or conclusion: They tried to prevent an oil spill and the damaging consequents it would have on wildlife.

Weather forecasters predict heavy rains and the flooding consequents that will result.

The consequence of the conference on global warming was the recommendation that the weather forecasters play closer attention to the consequents of heavy rainfall and melting glaciers

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(Latin: movement, movement of time, instant, moving power, consequence, importance)