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consecutive (adjective)
1. Following one after another without interruption and in order and with nothing else in between: "Bert's teacher was absent from school on five consecutive days because of illness."

"Fabian was out of work for two consecutive months and was getting very concerned about his financial status."

2. Marked by a logical sequence of ideas or actions: "Donovan's consecutive reports contained important chronological sequences of what happened just before the accident."
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consecutive, successive
consecutive (kuhn SEK yuh tiv) (adjective)
Characterized by an orderly arrangement of words, objects, etc., one after another: The young student surprised everyone by remembering the long list of consecutive words.
successive (suhk SES iv) (adjective)
Following in an uninterrupted order: Successive generations will be grateful for the conservation practices of today.

The successive position of the monarchy was orderly and uninterrupted.

The heraldry of each monarch in the Great Hall was arranged in consecutive order.

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