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conscience (s) (noun), consciences (pl)
1. Inward knowledge or the inmost thought of the mind: While trying to decide what she should do in certain situations, Jane always asked her own inward conscience and it always lead her to the correct solution.
2. The internal acknowledgement or recognition of the moral quality of one's motives and actions; the sense of right and wrong as regards things for which one is responsible: Jack suddenly had a pang of conscience regarding his unkind remark to his mother and so he told her he was sorry right away.
3. Etymology: from Old French conscience, from Latin conscientia, "knowledge within oneself, a moral sense"; from con-, "with" + scire, "to know".
Knowing the difference between right and wrong with one's conduct.
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conscience, conscientious, conscious
conscience (KAHN shuhns) (noun)
A knowledge or awareness of right and wrong; with a compulsion to do the right thing: The teacher emphasized that each student should let his or her conscience be her or his guide when deciding what to do.
conscientious (kahn" shee EN shuhs) (adjective)
Referring to what one knows is right and showing care and precision with painstaking efforts to do something properly: Lana was a conscientious reporter, always checking her facts before writing the story.
conscious (KAHN shuhs) (adjective)
Having a feeling or knowledge of one's own sensations, feelings, etc.; or being aware of one's external environment: Standing on the edge of the canyon, Madeline was conscious of the vast beauty of the place.

Arnold was still fully conscious after the local anesthetic was administered.

Conscience is the voice some people never hear until they are caught doing something wrong; while truly conscientious people are those whose consciences tell them to do the right thing even when they are conscious that they won't get caught.

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A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.
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