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connotation (s) (noun), connotations (pl)
A commonly understood cultural or emotional association that some word or phrase carries: The term “home” has a connotation of family, comfort, warmth, security, and love; however, it also simply means a place where people live whether in harmony or not.
Suggestive emotional content or significance of a word.
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connotation, denotation
connotation (kon" uh TAY shuhn) (noun)
1. An idea or meaning suggested by or associated with a word or thing: For some people, the word "fat" has a negative connotation.
2. The set of associations implied by a word in addition to its literal meaning: The word "childlike" has a connotation of innocence or of being a pest.
denotation (dee" noh TAY shuhn) (noun)
Something signified or referred to; a particular meaning of a symbol, word, or phrase: The word has one literal denotation but several different connotations.

The meaning of the denotation on the chart appeared to be unequivocal; however, the connotations were apparently unlimited.