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connect (verb), connects; connected; connecting
1. To join two or more things together: James made an arrangement to connect an access to the phone company so he could communicate with callers.
2. To link to a power or water supply: Mark has arranged to be connected to the electric power company for his newly constructed house.
3. Etymology: from Latin connectere; from con-, "together" + nectere, "to bind".
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connected (adjective), more connected, most connected
A reference to being joined or linked together: The large apartment had several connected rooms for Jim's family to easily go from one to another one.
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(Latin: a suffix that forms nouns; pertaining to, like; connected with, belonging to, resembling)
(Latin: a suffix; related to or connected with)
(Greek > Latin: a suffix; a place for; abounding in or connected with something; a place containing or related to that which is specified by the root)
(Latin: a suffix; a person who, a place where, a thing which, or pertaining to; connected with; having the character of; apparatus)
(Latin: a chain; bind or fasten together; connected links)
(Greek: crowlike; used in the specialized sense of "pertaining to, or connected to the coracoid, the bony process that forms part of the scapular arch [and is so named because its shape resembles that of a crow's beak"])
(Greek: a suffix; one connected with, inhabitant of; also used to show chemicals, minerals, etc.)
(Latin: wolf [pertaining to or connected with a "wolf"])
(Greek: water, yellowish fluid; connected with, or containing, lymph, a transparent fluid that is derived from body tissue and conveyed to the bloodstream by the lymphatic vessels)
(residential areas that have been connected to each other during rush hours by long traffic jams)
(Greek: the malar bone or the arch that the malar bone forms with the other bones to which it is connected)
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connect the dots (verb), connected the dots; connecting the dots
To learn or to understand how different things are related: The data about the results of the company's new policies was not known because no one had connected the dots until yesterday.

Connect the dots can be used to illustrate an ability to associate one idea with another one in order to find the "big picture", or important feature, in a mass of data.

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electrically connected
1. Joined through an electrical conducting path; such as, a resistor, an inductor, a capacitor, or a wire.
2. Electricity which is connected by means of a conducting path, or through a capacitor that is distinguished from a connection simply through electromagnetic induction.
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grid-connected system, grid connected system, gridconnected system; grid-interactive system, grid interactive system
A solar electric or photovoltaic (PV) system in which the PV array acts like a central generating plant, supplying power to the grid.
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