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1. To verify the truth or validity of something thought to be true or valid: "Additional discoveries have been confirmed in recent testimonies."
2. To make certain that a tentative arrangement or one made earlier is firm: "He called the restaurant to confirm the reservation for dinner."
3. To ratify or to make something valid with a formal or legal act; such as, his decision was confirmed.
4. In Judaism and Christianity, to admit someone into full membership of a religious body or community.
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confirm, conform
confirm (kuhn FURM) (verb)
To establish something doubtful or uncertain as being true; to verify: The employer was finally able to confirm the rumor about the loss of jobs.
conform (kuhn FORM) (verb)
To behave in a conventional way; especially, in accepting customs, traditions, or prevailing opinions: When Horace and Tricia moved to a new country, they had to conform to new ways of doing things.

The teacher was sure that she must confirm the rules of the playground which expect the children to conform to the policy of not throwing baseballs when they are not in the park.