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confine (s) (noun), confines (pl)
1. The borders or boundaries of a place; especially, the restrictions of the freedom of movement: Jim and his family were cramped within the confines of a little cabin during their trip to the mountains.
2. The limits or limitations of something abstract; such as, a subject or sphere of activity: The TV had to narrow the confines of the political debate with the candidates.
A limited area or border.
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confine (verb), confines; confined; confining
1. To restrict or to limit the ability to move or to relocate; to stay in a specific location: "The doctors tried hard to confine the spread of the new virus in order to protect the large population."

"The students were instructed to confine their written comments to one page."

2. To keep or to cause a person to stay in something; such as, a bed or a wheelchair: "After the accident, Morgan was confined to sitting in a wheelchair until his injured leg would get better."
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(Latin: [from arcere] to restrain, to enclose, to confine; to keep off)