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confidant, confidante, confident
confidant (KAHN fi dant", KAHN fi dahnt") (noun)
Someone with whom secret or confidential information may be shared: The king’s trusted confidant was his uncle.
confidante [feminine form] (KAHN fi dahnt") (noun)
Female form of "confidant": The queen’s confidante was a young woman she had known from childhood.
confident (KAHN fi duhnt) (adjective)
To be sure of oneself: Being confident is the feeling a person has before he, or she, knows better.

I am confident that a confidante is someone who never betrays a confidence without first imposing the strictest secrecy.

Confident is the feeling some people have before they know better.

confident (adjective), more confident, most confident
1. Having strong belief, firm trust, or sure expectation; feeling certain, fully assured, sure.
2. Full of assurance, self-reliant, bold; sure of oneself, one's cause, etc.; having no fear of failure.
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