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confidant, confidante, confident
confidant (KAHN fi dant", KAHN fi dahnt") (noun)
Someone with whom secret or confidential information may be shared: The king’s trusted confidant was his uncle.
confidante [feminine form] (KAHN fi dahnt") (noun)
Female form of "confidant": The queen’s confidante was a young woman she had known from childhood.
confident (KAHN fi duhnt) (adjective)
To be sure of oneself: Being confident is the feeling a person has before he, or she, knows better.

I am confident that a confidante is someone who never betrays a confidence without first imposing the strictest secrecy.

Confident is the feeling some people have before they know better.

confidante (s) (noun), confidantes (pl)
A female friend to whom a person can trust to share secrets and not to share them with anyone else: "The manager's secretary was his closest confidante."
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