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confession (kuhn FESH uhn) (s) (noun), confessions (pl)
1. An admission of having done something wrong or embarrassing: The three children appeared uneasy when they made a confession to their mother that they had eaten all the cookies she had baked without letting her know about it.
2. In law, a voluntary written or verbal statement admitting the commission of a crime: In order to avoid a long court procedure, Julia's lawyer convinced her to write a confession in which she stated that she had robbed two banks in the city.
3. A profession of emotions or beliefs; such as, love, loyalty, or faith: On Valentine's Day, Mark made his confession of love for Darlene and asked her to marry him.
4. A formal declaration of sins made confidentially to a priest or to God: Sara made her confession in her church the first Sunday of every month, as well as on her birthday, confiding to the priest what she believed were her sins and asking for God's forgiveness.
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