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conductor (s) (noun); conductors (pl)
1. A person, etc. who conducts, leads, guides, etc.; one who leads, guides, or escorts; a leader, guide.
2. The director of an orchestra or chorus, who indicates to the performers the rhythm, expression, etc., of the music by motions of a baton or of the hands.
3. An official who has charge of the passengers, collects fares, and generally directs the proceedings, on an omnibus, tram, or a railroad train.
4. Anything that conducts, leads, or guides; a channel by which water, etc. is conducted.
5. A substance having the property of conducting or permitting the passage of heat, electricity, or other form of energy.
6. A device or arrangement (e.g. a wire, rod, or the like) for conducting electricity; that part of a cable, etc., by which the electricity is conducted.
electric conductor, electrical conductor, conductor
Any of various substances that allow the flow of electric current or thermal energy.

Electrical conductors are used to conduct electric current, as in the metal wires of an electric circuit.

Electrical conductors are usually metallic while thermal conductors allow thermal energy to flow because they do not absorb radiant heat and they include materials; such as, metal and glass.

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neutral conductor
1. A conductor of a polyphase circuit or of a single-phase, three-wire circuit which is intended to have a potential such that the potential differences between it and each of the other conductors are approximately equal in magnitude and are also equally spaced in phase.
2. In electricity, in a polyphase system, a conductor which does not carry a current unless the system becomes unbalanced.
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The material through which electricity is transmitted; such as, an electrical wire, or transmission or distribution line.
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