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condiment (s) (noun), condiments (pl)
1. A substance or seasoning; such as, relish, vinegar, pepper, or spice, which is used to flavor or to make the certain meals taste better for eaters: There are some people who find that some condiments are just too strong and so they can't eat the food that has been served to them.
2. A spice, a sauce, or a preparation that is added to food to provide a particular savor or to enhance its flavor: Some condiments are used during cooking to add tastiness to the food; such as, barbecue sauce, which is one example.

Condiments were known in Ancient Rome, Ancient India, Ancient Greece and Ancient China, and were often used to improve the taste of spoiling food before preservation techniques were established.

3. Etymology: from French condient; which came from Latin condimentum, "spice"; from condire, "to preserve, to pickle, to season, to spice"; from con, "together" + -dere, "to put, to place".
A spicy seasoning for food.
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Usually a substance like pepper or a sauce that seasons food.
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