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concise (adjective), more concise, most concise
1. A reference to the use of as few words as possible to provide necessary information, or which is compressed in order to be brief: When correcting the term papers for his students, Mr. Mount was very concise in his remarks, making sure they were short and to the point.
2. Pertaining to the expression of a great deal of information in a few words or using clear and succinct statements: The biography of the famous author was written in a concise and short summary.
Brief, short, clear and to the point.
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concise, succinct
concise (kuhn SIGHS) (adjective)
A reference to expressing something in few words without elaboration or detail: The director asked for a concise statement of the company's financial situation.
succinct (suhk SINGKT) (adjective)
Precise, terse, expressions in a few words: Lorene's succinct summary at the end of the speech provided the most significant information.

Please write a succinct report that will provide a concise explanation of the plot of the story.

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(Latin: concise, abrupt; literally, resembling the style of the Lacedaemonians or Spartans)