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1. The study of molluscs and their shells.
2. The hobby of shell collecting.
3. The science or study of shells and shell-fish.
4. A branch of zoology dealing with sea shells and the animals that inhabit them.

Conchology is the scientific study of shells of mollusks, a branch of malacology.

Conchologists (practitioners of conchology) may study animal shells to gain an understanding of the diverse and complex taxonomy of mollusks, or simply appreciate them for their aesthetic value.

Conchologists deal mainly with gastropods (snails), bivalves, Polyplacophora (chitons) and Scaphopoda (tusk shells).

Shell collecting, the "ancestor" or precurser of conchology, goes as far back as there have been people and beaches.

Someone walking on a beach picked up a shell for its beauty and then very likely would go out the next day to look for more specimens. This is still going on around the world wherever shells can still be found.

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