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concession (kuhn SESH uhn) (s) (noun), concessions (pl)
1. An act or an example of yielding or compromising in some way, often grudgingly or unwillingly: Despite wanting an informal celebration, Mr. Simmons, as a concession to his wife, reluctantly agreed to go out to dinner with friends to celebrate her birthday instead of staying home.
2. A privilege, right, kindness, etc. that is granted to a person or group, usually as a result of special circumstances: The university granted a concession to three visually impaired students who required the assistance of a personal reader so they could complete their final examinations.
3. A space or privilege within certain premises for a subsidiary business or service: Jerry had a refreshment concession at the local movie theater.
4. Something acknowledged or admitted: The land survey and the farmer's long held belief about land boundaries differed and the farmer granted the concession that the survey was correct and so he withdrew his complaint about errors that were made prior to the sale of his land.
5. Etymology: from Latin concessionem, from concessius, past participle of concedere, "to go, to grant, to give way".
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