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commute, commute, compute
commute (kuh MYOOT) (verb)
1. To travel to and from a place in a regular fashion: Trevor had to commute from his home to the office every day.
2. To change a decision or penalty to something less severe: The court decided to commute the convicted criminal's sentence from the death penalty to 25 years in prison for his crimes.
commute (kuh MYOOT) (noun)
A journey typically occurring on a regular basis: Blake's daily commute from home to office takes about one hour each way.
compute (kuhm PYOOT) (verb)
To work out an answer by mathematical means: The accountant used an adding machine to compute her tax rebate.

During Wilbur's daily commute to the office, he uses his computer to compute the answers to specific budget questions.

compute (verb), computes; computed; computing
1. To calculate an answer or a result; especially, when using a computer.
2. To yield a result; especially, a correct result, from a calculation: Sharon found out that the numbers that were provided just don't compute
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