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comprehensible (adjective), more comprehensible, most comprehensible
Conveying a clear, understandable and intelligible presentation or explainable report: Mr. Patrick made a comprehensible business report to his employees which made everyone feel happy about their efforts to make their company more profitable.
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comprehensible, comprehensive
comprehensible (kahm" pri HEN suh buhl) (adjective)
Understandable: The secretary's job was to translate the manager's directives into a comprehensible language for the workers in the factory.
comprehensive (kahm" pri HEN siv) (adjective)
Complete, inclusive; dealing with all or many of the relevant details: The director stated that the new report was the most comprehensive and comprehensible one she had ever read.

In response to the request from his supervisor, the social worker prepared a comprehensive manual for others to follow to prepare future comprehensible reports for the office.