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composite (s) (noun), composites (pl)
1. Something made from different parts: This new law is a composite of previously suggested legislation over the years.
2. An image of a suspect's face which is created by a police artist or photographer, based on input from a witness or witnesses: Anita, the victim, described the thief and Christopher, the police artist, created a composite to be circulated among the police stations.
3. A structure or an entity made up of distinct elements; a mixture: The country road was a composite of gravel and packed stones.
4. A complex material; such as, wood or fiberglass, in which two or more distinct, structurally complementary substances; especially metals, ceramics, glasses, and polymers, are combined to produce structural or functional properties not present in any individual part or system: The composite used to make Becky's new bookcase looked just like fine mahogany.
5. A colloquial term for resin materials used in restorative dentistry: Doug's dentist, Dr. Jones, used a new composite to build up his chipped tooth.
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ceramic matrix composites (noun) (plural form used as a singular)
Materials fabricated from ceramic fibers embedded in a ceramic matrix; for example glass ceramics.

The are developed so they will be stronger, more pliable, and more heat-resistant and cold-resistant than other materials.

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