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compellation, compilation
compellation (kahm" puh LAY shuhn) (noun)
The use of a name or title to address an individual: John Smith was the compellation of the author of the book.
compilation (kahm" puh LAY shuhn) (noun)
Something, such as a set of data, a report, or an anthology, that is gathered into a collection: Neal had an extensive compilation of research data for his report to the government.

Lorene's aunt, Mrs. Jones by compellation, gained academic recognition through her compilation of Folk Legends from the Far North.

compilation (s) (noun), compilations (pl)
1. The act of collecting information about something which is created by putting together things that have been gathered from various places; gathering, accumulating, assembling, aggregating, and drawing together: The compilation of the contents for this dictionary has taken years of researching and organizing and it is still far from completion.
2. Something, such as a set of data, a report, or an anthology, that is collected, or the process of bringing things together from various places to form a whole.
3. Anything that is produced; such as, reference books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.; which have been made up of material gathered from other printed sources.
4. The production of a new or revised map or chart from existing maps, aerial photographs, surveys, new data, or other sources.
5. The process of translating a high-level programming language into a machine-executable form.
(a compilation of several languages)