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compel (verb), compels; compelled; compelling,
1. To force or to oblige someone to do something, or to get something from someone by using force: The court sent a notice that would compel a woman to appear as a witness during the trial.
2. Having pressured or obliged someone to do something: The son's violent behavior compelled his father to call the police; especially, when the young man took guns out to his pickup truck and threatened to kill someone.
3. Making something necessary: The food shortage was compelling markets to raise their prices or go out of business.
4. Etymology: from Old French compellir, from Latin compellere, "to drive together, to drive to one place" (cattle, sheep, etc.), "to force" or "to pressure" (people); from Latin com-, "together" + pellere, "to drive".
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(Latin: to press hard, to push, to drive, to compel)