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comparative (adjective), more comparative, most comparative
1. Considered relative to something known, mentioned, or expected: "I passed the test with comparative ease."
2. Based on using different things in the investigation of something to see if they are the same or different from each other: "Shirley was studying the various roles of women in several cultures."
3. In grammar a form of expressing an increase; for example, a description in the the form of an adjective or adverb that presents an increase in quality, quantity, or degree: "Examples of comparative grammatical words include, quicker, more importantly, better, sweeter, softly, and more favorable."
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ethnopsychiatry (s) (noun), ethnopsychiatries (pl) also, comparative psychiatry, cross-cultural psychiatry
The study of the effects of culture on psychiatric disorders and their manifestations.
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comparative anatomy
The examination of the skeletons of dogs and humans and their similarities and differences.

The most significant differences being the upright posture adopted by humans, the absence of collarbones in dogs, the attachment of the humerus of the dog to the chest wall along its entire length, plus the fact that humans walk on their whole foot, whereas dogs walk only on the equivalent of the human toes.

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comparative anatomy
The systematic comparison of bodily structures and their functions in living organisms.
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