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comb, comb, come
comb (KOHM) (noun)
1. An instrument with a row of long thin teeth used for straightening or organizing one’s hair or fibers: Darla had to comb her hair after she woke up.
2. The fleshy crown of male birds; such as, the common rooster: The comb of the rooster became even redder when he was excited by the noise.
comb (KOHM) (verb)
To go through carefully: The archaeologist decided to comb the desert, searching for the gold comb used by the ancient king.
come (KUM) (verb)
To journey or to move towards something or towards a specific destination: The map indicated that they would come to an oasis in the desert if they continued going in a straight line.

A rooster's unruffled, abroad or at home, because he always carries a comb.

—Ennis Rees, Pun Fun

Before Pete could come home, his wife called him by phone and asked him to go to the store to purchase a new comb to be used on the horse. She reminded him that it is called a curry comb.

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(Greek: comb, rake; comblike, comb-shaped)