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collage, college
collage (koh LAZH, kuh LAZH) (noun)
An art work created from the use of diverse materials; such as, paper, cloth, etc.: The children worked on the winter collage as a class project.
college (KOL ij) (noun)
A school for higher education beyond preparatory or high school which offers degrees in specialized courses: After high school, Rachel had to decide to which college she would apply so she could become a teacher.

Melissa went to art college where she studied with a famous artist, re-known for her collage style which incorporated parts of machines, wheels, etc.

1. An institution of higher education created to educate and grant degrees; often a part of a university.
2. An institution of higher learning that provides education to undergraduates and awards bachelor's and sometimes master's degrees.
3. A school or a division of a university that usually has its own dean and other administrators and whose faculty teaches and confers degrees in specific academic fields.
4. Etymology: originally, "a union formed by law"; from col-, "together", and lex, legis, "law".
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university, college
university (yoo" nuh VUR si tee) (noun)
An educational institution that offers courses leading to a degree: such as, a bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree and where research is done: "He completed his degree in law at the University of California."
college (KAHL ij) (noun)
1. An educational place in the United States where a person may go after high school and which offers courses leading to a degree; such as, a bachelor's degree or an associate's degree: "He decided first to go to a college to get his bachelor's degree and then to do research for his doctoral degree at the university."
2. A school that offers advanced training in a specified subject: "She was so talented in art that she decided to go to an arts college."

After his cousin finished high school, she had to decide to apply to the well known university which was in another city or to the fine arts program at the college in her town.

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(Latin: diviner, soothsayer; a member of the college of priests in Rome, who foretold the future; in ancient Rome, a priest who foretold events by interpreting omens)
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