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choler (KAWL uhr, KOH luhr) (adjective)
Hot tempered and easily provoked: The candidate often demonstrated a choler temper when participating in a debate.
collar (KAWL uhr) (verb)
To get control of or to stop: The dog catcher attempted to collar the run away dog.

The police were waiting to collar the robber when he left the bank.

collar (KAWL uhr) (noun)
1. The band of cloth that finishes the neckline of a shirt, jacket, or blouse: The collar of the shirt was stripped, to contrast with the plain cloth of the shirt.
2. Any item worn around the neck, decorative as a necklace, or serviceable; such as, part of a harness for a horse: Melody wore a diamond collar around her neck, a gift from her mother.

The collar for the horse was studded with brass to create a decorative pattern.

color; British, colour (KUL uhr) (verb)
1. To add vividness and/or variety of language when speaking or writing: Louise would often color her prose with startling descriptions to capture the readers’ attention.
2. To add distinction or vividness to a picture or writing: The child liked to color pictures for her mother.
color; British, colour (KUL uhr) (noun)
Visual distinction of an object based on the quality of light possessing hue, chroma (purity) and brightness: The color of the ancient vase was a deep hue of cobalt.

When someone is displaying a choler temperament and the color of his face is turning red, we sometimes say that he is getting "hot under the collar".

Virgil thinks Ivan should take a program to learn to collar his temper.

collar (s) (noun), collars (pl)
1. The upright or turned-over neckband of a coat, jacket, dress, shirt, or blouse.
2. A leather, plastic, fabric, or metal band placed around the neck of an animal to identify it or attach it to a lead or leash.
3. An area around the neck of a bird, or an animal, that has a color or marking different from the rest its body.
4. The cushioned ring or other part of a harness that presses against a draft animal's shoulders.
5. A ring-shaped device or part on a shaft that guides, seats, or restricts another mechanical part.
6. A close-fitting necklace or one that lies flat over the shoulders.
7. A cut of meat, especially bacon, taken from an animal's neck.
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collar (verb), collars; collared; collaring
1. Having found someone and stopped the person from going somewhere, often so that the other one can talk to her or him about something: Jim was collared by Mary as he was leaving the meeting because she wanted to ask him what he thought of the speech that was just presented.
2. To make an arrest for a criminal act: The police officer collared and arrested the bank robber just as he was leaving the bank.
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collarbone, collar bone (s) (noun); collarbones, collar bones (pl)
A horizontal bone above the first rib that makes up the front part of the shoulder: The collarbone, also called the "clavicle", links the sternum, or breastbone, with the scapula, a triangular bone in the back of the shoulder.

The collar bone ends at the sternum, forming one side of the sternoclavicular joint; where it ends at the shoulder, there forming one side of the acromioclavicular joint.

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collar-crown (s) (noun), collar-crowns (pl)
An artificial crown with a metal band that fits around th neck of the natural tooth or root.
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flea collar (s) (noun), flea collars (pl)
A collar, usually for dogs, or cats, containing a chemical that repels or kills fleas.
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venereal collar, collar of pearls, collar of Venus, leukoderma colli
Syphilitic leukoderma or a congenital skin condition characterized by spots or bands of unpigmented skin around the neck and shoulders.

It is virtually pathognomonic of late syphilis; that is, decisively characteristic of a disease or indicating a disease with certainty.

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The markings around the neck, usually white; also, a leather strap or chain for restraining or leading the dog, when the leash is attached.
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