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coil (s) (noun), coils (pl)
1. To wind into continuous, regularly spaced rings one above the other; such as, to coil a wire around a pencil.
2. To wind on a flat surface into rings one around the other; such as, coiling a rope on the floor.
3. To gather rope, wire, string, etc. into loops.
4. To form rings, spirals, etc.
5. To gather or to retract in a circular way; such as, the snake coiled and struck out at the cat.
6. To move in or to follow a winding course; for example, the river could be seen from the cliff as it coiled through the valley.
7. A connected series of spirals or rings into which a rope or the such is wound.
8. An arrangement of pipes, coiled or in a series, as in a radiator.
9. In philately, a stamp issued in a roll, usually of 500 stamps, and usually perforated vertically or horizontally only or a coil of such stamps.
10. Etymology: Middle French coillir, "to collect"; from Latin colligere, "to gather", "to collect".
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electrically variable coil (s) (noun), electrically variable coils (pl)
An iron-core coil whose inductance can be varied or modified over a wide range by changing a small DC control current.
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coil (s) (noun), coils (pl)
Electric devices consisting of one or more turns of wires which asre used to introduce inductance into electric currents or the properties of electric circuits as a result of which electromotive forces are created by changes of currents.
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A series of connected spirals or concentric rings formed by gathering or winding; that is, any of various devices of which spirals are the major components.
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