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cogitate (verb), cogitates; cogitated; cogitating
1. To think deeply and carefully about something; to ponder: When James got back to the university dormitory, he sat at his desk and started to cogitate about the science project he was supposed to complete in three days.
2. To consider seriously; to reflect upon; to turn over in one's mind: When the election for President of the U.S. takes place, voters will be cogitating about which candidate will be the best one for the country.
3. Etymology: from Latin cogitatus, past participle of cogitare, "to ponder, to weigh, to reflect, to think", from co-, short for com-, "with, together" + agitare, "to put in constant motion, to drive, to impel"; from agere, "to set in motion, to drive, to lead".
To consider or to think about.
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To ponder or to meditate.
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