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clothes, cloths
clothes (KLOHZ) (noun)
Articles for personal apparel or household use: Lana's clothes were often made of cotton which meant that they could be used as cleaning rags when they were worn out.
cloths (KLAWTHS, KLAHTHS) (noun)
Soft pliable material made of woven or synthetic fabric often adapted for a particular purpose: The brightly colored cloths were used to decorate the pavilion for the fair.

Warren hung up the wash cloths on the line just before changing his clothes.

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(Latin: covering for the body, clothes)
("The Emperor's New Clothes" by Hans Christian Andersen is a fable about the pitfalls of political self-aggrandizement and the fear of people to face reality even when they know that the reality of the situation is untrue)
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Teenager: An adolescent whose hang-ups do not involve his or her clothes.
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