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close (KLOHS) (adjective), closer, closest
1. Being near in space or time; not far away: "The deadline for the report is getting closer each day."

"They weren't home yet, but they were getting much closer."

2. Being near in relationship: "Her close relatives were coming to the wedding."
3. Bound by mutual interests, loyalties, or affections; intimate: "His close friends were helping him."
4. Having little or no space between elements or parts; tight and compact: "The sweater had a close weave."
5. Being near the surface; short: "He really has a close haircut."
6. Being on the brink of: "She was close to tears when she heard the news."
7. Decided by a narrow margin; almost even: "This was a very close election."
8. Faithful to the original: "The painting was a close copy of the artist's work."
9. Rigorous; thorough: "The group paid close attention to the details of the project as a result of the close supervision of the experts."
10. Confining or narrow; crowded: "As a result of the tornado, they had to live in close quarters at the shelter."
11. Fitting tightly: "The close garments were simply too uncomfortable."
12. Lacking fresh air; stuffy: "The had to stay in small, close room."
13. Confined to specific people or groups: "Remember, this is supposed to be a close secret."
14. Strictly confined or guarded: "The police kept the robbers under close custody."
15. Secretive; reticent: "His mother was close about her personal life."
16. Giving or spending with reluctance; stingy: "They were close with their money."