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clone, cloned
1. In genetics, a plant, animal, or other organism that is genetically identical to its parent, having developed by vegetative reproduction, e.g. from a bulb or a cutting, or experimentally from a single cell.
2. In genetics, a collection of organisms, cells, or molecular segments that are genetically identical direct descendants of a single parent by asexual reproduction, e.g., plant cuttings or grafts. Some plant varieties are clones.
3. With reference to computers, a hardware device, e.g., a PC, or a piece of software that is a functional copy of another, popular, more expensive product developed by another manufacturer.
4. To produce an exact or near copy of an object or product.
5. With plants, produced asexually, e.g., from cuttings or suckers.
6. One who copies or closely resembles another, as in appearance or in the way he/she behaves.
7. The aggregate of the asexually produced progeny of an individual whether natural (as the products of repeated fission of a protozoan) or otherwise (as in the propagation of a particular plant by budding or by cuttings through many vegetative generations).
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