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(Greek: cloak, mantle; envelope)
(Latin: mantellum, cloak, veil; by way of Middle English, from Old English mentel and from Old French mantel; resulting in English words about: mantle, mantel, and manteau)
(Latin: mantle, covering; to cloak, to cover)
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nonmetallic cloak
Development of a process using identical glass resonators made of chalcogenide glass, a type of dielectric material (one that does not conduct electricity).

In computer simulations, the cloak made objects hit by infrared waves disappear from human view; such waves were approximately one micron or one-millionth of a meter long.

The invisibility cloak uses metamaterials, which are artificial materials having properties that do not exist in nature, made of tiny glass resonators arranged in a concentric pattern in the shape of a cylinder.

Spokes of a concentric configuration produce the magnetic resonance required to bend light waves around an object, making it invisible.

Metamaterials, which use small resonators instead of atoms or molecules of natural materials, incorporate the boundary between materials science and electrical engineering.

—Compiled from excerpts as seen in
"Now You See It, Now You Don’t — an Invisibility Cloak Made of Glass";
Michigan Tech News by Jennifer Donovan,
Michigan Technological University, July 23, 2010.
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