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clip (Janus word)
1. To attach (as in, "to clip to") plus to separate, snip, or cut.
2. To partition (~ the paper) and to join (~ the papers).
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1. To attach; such as, "Clip the note to the paper."
2. To remove; "His mother is going to clip his hair" or "The man is clipping the hedge."
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clip (s) (noun), clips (pl)
1. Usually a small piece of metal or plastic which holds things together or that keeps things in place and order: He prefers to use a money clip instead of a wallet.

Do we have enough paper clips to hold all of these papers together?

2. A container that is filled with bullets and which is placed inside a gun so the bullets can be fired or shot at a target: He filled the ammunition clip and was ready to fire at the target.
3. A short section of a movie, TV show, video, etc.: He was presenting a clip of his new movie so the small group of producers could make comments and suggestions.
4. An article that has been cut out of a newspaper or magazine: She had a pile of press clips from the newspaper about her son.
5. The speed at which something happens: The economic market is dropping at a clip this year.
6. When something moves or happens quickly: The train is moving at a good clip today.
7. In medicine, a metallic instrument for holding bodily tissue or other part together: The surgeon used clips to hold the skin together so she could suture the incision.

The doctor used a wound clip or metal clasp for the surgical approximation of the skin incisions.

8. Informal, for one time or instance: Janine makes just about $500 a clip for her research.

Agustin runs about five miles at a clip each day.

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clip (verb), clips; clipped; clipping
1. To hold two or more things together with a small piece of metal or plastic: Jennifer clipped the papers together so they would continue to be organized in their subject area.
2. To attach something to or onto something else with an attaching device: Maribel's mother clipped the keys to her belt.

The TV program director told Devon to clip the microphone onto his shirt.

3. To make something shorter or neater by cutting off small pieces of it: Lorna is outside clipping the hedge.
4. To cut an article, a picture, etc. out of a newspaper or a magazine: Harrison clipped out several puzzles which he found in the magazines.

Debora was clipping more articles about educational activities from magazines and newspapers to put in her blogs to educators.

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clip joint (s) (noun), clip joints (pl)
A business; for example, a bar or a nightclub, that charges its customers much more money than that which seems to be normal: Mike complained to the waitress that the bill for the meal made him feel that he was in a clip joint.

The police raided the clip joint in their search for those who were selling illegal drugs.

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clip-on (adjective), more clip-on, most clip-on
That which is attached to something and holds it in place: Boris wore a clip-on necktie and Mildred wore clip-on earrings to the party.

Sam had more clip-on ties than any of his friends.

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