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climacteric, climactic, climatic
climacteric (kli MAK tuhr ik, kligh" mak TER ik) (noun)
A critical period or year in a person's life when major changes in health or fortune are thought to take place: Lindsey has always heard that when people turn 40, they are entering the climacteric of their lives.
climactic (kligh MAK tik) (adjective)
Relating to or constituting a climax: The music soared towards the climactic ending of the opera.
climatic (kligh MAT ik) (adjective)
Influenced by or resulting from the prevailing weather conditions: The climatic changes in global warming are affecting the polar bears in the Arctic areas.

The year Claire turned 60 seemed to be the climacteric of her life.

Ira had reached the climactic point in his career and there was nothing more to do but retire and pursue his hobby which was to study the climatic changes in the environment.