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claustrophobic (s) (noun), claustrophobics (pl)
Someone who reacts with severe panic and suffocation because that person feels that he or she is being hemmed in or is being trapped and can't get out: "There are some claustrophobics who have strong anxieties about being in elevators even for a short time."

"As a result of being hemmed in or trapped to any degree, claustrophobics may have severe panics and physiological symptoms, including increased pulse beats."

"There are some claustrophobics who feel that they are suffocating and who have shortness of breath as if something were crushing their chests."

A man walks many floors up in the building because he is too afraid of being closed or trapped in an elevator.
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claustrophobic (adjective), more claustrophobic, most claustrophobic
Characteristic of having a morbid fear of being in a confined or restricted space or a small area: "There are claustrophobic anxieties which start when some people feel they are trapped and can't get out of crowded places or away from enclosed places; such as, in elevators or very small rooms."

"Bob apparently developed claustrophobic anxieties when he was a small boy and he accidentally threw his baseball through a window of his house, and then he was locked inside a closet for a few hours as punishment which had an impact on his psychological development."

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