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clamber, clamor, clamour
clamber (CLAM buhr, KLAM uhr) (verb)
To scramble, climb, or crawl in an awkward way: The children always clamber over the rocks.

We could only clamber up the steep hill.

clamor (KLAM uhr) (verb)
1. To cry loudly and insistently for something: An uninformed public will always clamor for an arrest in the case.
2. Acting in a loud and noisy way: The children obviously wanted to clamor around the musicians, and to sing songs and to laugh.
clamour (KLAM uhr [primarily British]) (verb)
To ask for or to demand something in a loud way: Fans were seen to clamour for autographs of the sports stars outside the stadium.

When the tourists tried to clamber down the hillside, they disrupted a flock of geese, the clamor of which could be heard for miles.

A British member of the group wrote a message in his e-mail: "It was almost as if the geese were trying to clamour for attention."