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civil (adjective), more civil, most civil
1. Referring to people who live in a country: There are several places that have been living in periods of civil unrest; and Syria is just one of them.
2. Relating to the normal business of the people in a town, a state, etc. which is not connected to the armed forces or to a religion: Jim and Jane were married in a civil ceremony at city hall.

There are civil organizations that involve people who are interested in achieving special objectives; such as, better education, more medical support, and other benefits for its local region and the nation.

3. Descriptive of being polite, but not friendly: It was difficult for Caroline to be civil with Bill because she was so angry at him for his unjustified accusations she was cheating on the history test.
4. Pertaining to caring about art, science, government, people's well-being, etc.: Marge insisted that a civil society will not only have honest and reliable officials, but that it will also provide care for its less fortunate citizens.
5. A reference to laws that describe a person's rights instead of to laws about crime: Harry and Harriet filed a civil suit against the company that made the toy which poisoned their little boy.
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civil engineering (s) (noun) (no plural form)
A livelihood in science that includes planning, design, construction, and the maintenance of fixed structures and ground facilities for industry, for transportation, for use and control of water, for human occupancy, and for harbor facilities: Susanne now has a degree in civil engineering so she can help in the designing and the building of better roads, highways, and bridges for the infrastructure of her country.
civil law (s) (noun), civil laws (pl)
Legal rules which involve the rights of people rather than with crimes: As a lawyer, Jeff was not only defending those who were accused of committing a crime, but also with civil law for those who felt that the government was illegally restricting their rights.

Civil law is also concerned with private relations between members of an inhabited area rather than with criminal, military, or religious affairs.

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civil liberty (s) (noun), civil liberties (pl)
The rights of people to do or to say things that are not illegal without being stopped or interrupted by their government: Freedom of speech is considered a civil liberty for people in the United States and in some other nations; but not in every country.

Civil liberties also involve individual rights that are protected by law from unjust governmental or other kinds of interference.

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civil marriage (s) (noun), civil marriages (pl)
A wedding ceremony that is performed by someone who is not a minister or priest: The mayor of the town has officiated at many civil marriages during his time in office.

Civil marriages are performed, with dignity, as a civil contract without a religious ceremony.

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civil right (s) (noun), civil rights (pl)
The principles of justice regarding the fundamental privileges that are guaranteed by the 13th and 14th amendments of the U.S. Constitution, and acts of Congress, including legal, social, and economic equality; which belongs to every citizen: Civil rights exist for every one, regardless of a person's gender, race, or religion.
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civil servant (s) (noun), civil servants (pl)
A person who works for the government: Ingrid works for the civil service as a professionally authoritative employee to apply laws and regulations.
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civil service (adjective) (usually not comparable)
A reference to a group of civilian employees who take care of the government's primary business: Some examples of the use of the term civil service include: a civil service employee, civil service exams, the civil service system, civil service law, and civil service retirement.
    Civil service careers, or mission-critical careers, include:

  • Foreign Affairs
  • Personnel Management
  • Management Analysis
  • General Accounting and Administration
  • Budget Administration
  • Legal Counsel
  • Passport-Visa Services
  • Public Affairs
  • Contract Procurement
  • Information Technology Management

The civil service careers listed above are shown and described
in more detail at this U.S. Department of State site.

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civil service (s) (noun), civil services (pl)
That branch of the federal government which takes care of its basic business: The civil service is not involved with military, legislative, or judicial areas of the ruling body; however, it works to apply the laws and regulations that exist in the system for controlling the country.

Employees of the civil services are civilians who are not subject to political appointment or removal; and normally, they are hired and promoted primarily on the basis of competitive examinations.

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civil war (s) (noun), civil wars (pl)
A military battle between groups of people in the same country: Several geographical locations have recently had civil wars these days; Syria and Egypt are just two examples.

The United States had a Civil War between the northern and southern states from 1861 to 1865 when Abraham Lincoln was President.

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cyber-civil disobedience (s) (noun), cyber-civil disobediences (pl)
Breaking laws, and suggesting that others do the same, in which the participants use information technology to carry out their actions: Cyber-civil disobedience, or the active, professed refusal to obey certain laws, demands, and commands of a government, involves the use of computers and/or the internet which is also known as "hacktivism".
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keep a civil tongue in one's head
To be polite ad to be respectful when talking to someone: The bus driver was yelling at the woman and she told him to keep a civil tongue in his head.
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civil day
There are two 12-hour periods, A.M. an P.M., but these are never used astronomically so the 24-hour clock is used.
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civil engineering
An area of engineering concerned with the design and building of large public works projects; such as, roads and bridges.