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city (s) (noun), cities (pl)
1. A place where people live and work which is larger than a town: More people seem to be leaving villages and small towns and moving to cities where more jobs are available (sometimes).
2. The people of a large community in a country: Monroe thinks that the entire city has heard the news about the results of the local elections by now.
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poleocole (verb), poleocoles; poleocoled; poleocoling: city, urban
Living in urban or city places.
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urbicole (verb), urbicoles; urbicoled; urbicoling: city
Living primarily in cities; such as, pigeons, sparrows, etc. often do.
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(Latin: city: big town, metropolitan area; citizen: a legal resident or inhabitant)
(Greek: city; method of government; citizenship, government, administration)
(Latin: suffix from -ensis, of, belonging to, from [a place]; originating in [a city or country])
(Macao City to Mynamar)
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A strangle of city-dwellers.
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fossil city
A term for a city that is heavily dependent on the use of fossil fuel to maintain its economy and infrastructure; especially, a city whose transit system relies heavily on private motor vehicles.
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solar city
1. A term for a city that obtains a significant amount of its total energy needs from solar energy and other renewable resources.
2. Solar City is an international cooperative program to encourage cities and urban regions to substitute renewable and sustainable forms of energy technology for conventional sources, with the long-term goal of achieving globally acceptable greenhouse gas emission levels and lower reliance on fossil fuels.
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An independent and sovereign city and its surrounding tributary territories. It is most typically used in referring to specific political entities of ancient Greece and Mesopotamia.
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The city that is responsible for sending out a colony.

It usually provided the equipment and the founder, or chief official, for the colony.

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Protest transforms long quiescent Syrian city
knitted into the city's fabric:
resilient opposition:
foreseeable future:

"Dissent and defiance in Homa, its residents say, have become knitted into the city's fabric, signaling to the government that however ferocious the repression, it will face a resilient opposition for the foreseeable future."

International Herald Tribune, August 18, 2011; pages 1-5.