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cite (verb), cites, cited, citing
1. To quote as an authority or an example; such as, a passage from a book, or the words of another person, or people.
2. To mention or to bring forward as a support, an illustration, or a proof; that is, listing the source, or sources, from which someone uses information, words, literary, or verbal context: "He cited several instances of illegal behavior."
3. To commend officially for meritorious action in military service; to honor formally.
4. To summon before a court of law.
5. Etymology: from Old French citer, "to summon"; from Latin citare, "to cause to move, to arouse, to summon, to urge, to call".
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cite, sight, sight, site, site
cite (SIGHT) (verb)
1. To quote as an authority or example: It is necessary that we cite our references for this information.
2. To mention or to bring forward as support, illustration, or proof: The supervisors were required to cite several instances of insubordinate behavior by the new employees.

The judge will cite Kelvin for contempt of court.

3. To publicly and to officially honor someone for an outstanding performance: The mayor is going to cite the neighbor for his bravery in saving the three children from the fire at their house.
sight (SIGHT) (noun)
1. The act or fact of seeing someone or something: The new house was a beautiful sight to see.

The police were ordered to shoot the killer on sight if he showed any sign of resistance.

Ramona caught sight of a rare bird during her trip to the island.

2. The process or function of using one's eyes to obtain information: Grant and Velma used their sight to read the inscription on the wall of the old building.
3. The foreseeable future or a prospect: Preston could see no solution in sight.
4. Mental perception or consideration: Marco lost sight of the purpose of his visit.
5. Something that is notable and worth being seen: The view was quite a sight and was worth all the effort of climbing the mountain to see it.
6. Disorderly, messy: Shelly's apartment was a sight and needed to be cleaned up before her mother came for a visit.
sight (SIGHT) (verb)
To see someone or something that is being looked for, which is rarely seen, or is difficult to see: Darnell and Gabriella were able to sight some bears while they were driving through the park.

Looking out of the window, Tosca could sight the thunderclouds that were approaching her neighborhood.

site (SIGHT) (noun)
The place or location for a structure: The site of the stadium is up there on the hill and it is also a good site for the new high school.

Now Ramona has a web site which can be of great value to anyone who wants to learn.

Hubert chose a site for his tent and set up camp for the night.

site (SIGHT) (verb)
To locate or to position in a specific location: Angelo will site the models for the new buildings in the diorama tomorrow.

Evan had to cite the reservation data that was sent to him from the recreation authorities indicating that he was authorized to use this site for his summer camp because he wanted to have a beautiful sight of the lake.