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circumvent (verb), circumvents; circumvented; circumventing
1. To find a way of avoiding restrictions imposed by a rule or law without actually breaking it: In order to avoid all the red tape involved in becoming a permanent immigrant as a single person, Grace simply married her boyfriend and therefore circumvented the usual process of being able to stay in Canada for a long time.
2. To anticipate and to counter someone’s plans: During the spelling bee in class, Doug circumvented it, or avoided it, by having to go to the bathroom just when it was his turn.
3. To encompass; literally, to enclose: In the movie, the Indians circumvented, or surrounded, the camp the settlers had set up. 
4. To get around a restriction or obstacle: The road was blocked by a fallen tree after the storm, but James knew a way to circumvent it by driving on another route.
A man is circumventing the custom guards as he sneaks behind the guard house
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A man is circumventing the custom guards by sneaking around the entrance gate.

To go around and gain an advantage by deception.
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To catch or to entrap.
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